First Post

We feel a different kind of nausea! That’s why this title for the blog! Let us explain why in the sequel.

First, we will set the context by introducing ourselves. We two, Nirmal and Sakthi, are part of ECOM research lab, Infosys, Bangalore. For the past few years we have been reading on various topics like emotion, cognition, interpretation, intelligence, consciousness, perception and related stuffs. Our objective is to study about human (emergent) behaviors and to look it in the computational perspective.

The topics mentioned above are peculiar in the sense that most of the people think that they understand themselves and what happens around them, but we feel that this ‘understanding’ is a bit more complex than it looks like. Also, we feel that the limit to one’s ‘understanding’ is closer than they appear to be. In this blog, we intend to write about our journey in this intellectual adventure and other miscellaneous stuff that might include music, photography, chess and so on.

To be more precise most of our posts will be about the research papers that we have read on these topics together with our views. We feel that by “throwing” these things here (now you know why we call it as nausea!) and making a diary of events about whatever we know, whatever we have read, observed and inferred we would be able to string together the various discrete looking ideas and make something useful!

We hope it would be useful.